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Our Specialty

Just like an organized storefront attracts more foot traffic, your website serves as a beacon in the vast sea of the internet.

You seek an appealing, brochure-style site that effortlessly communicates your service offerings. With our creative prowess, we’ll revolutionize your sales approach, empower your online presence and instill confidence at every interaction.

The Process

Ideate & Concieve

◦   Meet and greet
◦   Identify website goals
◦   Outline site structure
◦   Collect inspiration
◦   Establish hosting

Design & Develop

◦   Install plugins
◦   Create page suite
◦   Source HD photos
◦   Optimize for mobile
◦   Optimize for tablet

Test & Launch

◦   Instill basic SEO
◦   Gather feedback
◦   Quality control
◦   Finalize adjustments
◦   Hit the green light!

Maintain & Optimize

◦   Update plugins
◦   Update WordPress
◦   Make content changes
◦   Create new pages
◦   Monitor performance

Happy Clients

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, a sleek and user-friendly website isn’t just desirable; it’s essential for businesses to thrive online.

Jennifer Bloch
Jennifer Bloch
I have had the same web guy now for about ten years. About three years ago, he began a business that has nothing to do with web design or web hosting. He has continued to host my site and manage it because he’s just a good guy, but he has been trying to get me to find a new provider for about three years, and I have just refused to leave. Part of the reason is that I had difficulty finding anybody who related to me beyond the web design business like he did. The other part was that I was afraid to go through the headache of transitioning my site. I had no idea what was involved or even what questions to ask, so I avoided dealing with this for as long as possible. Until now. When I met Katie, she knew instantly how to connect with me on a human level beyond technical jargon. She made me feel comfortable right off the bat and eased my mind about the hosting transition. I trusted her immediately and decided to finally take a leap of faith and transition my Web hosting to her. Katie worked directly with my other, and there was nothing I needed to do. She made it completely seamless and stress-free. She also managed to ease my anxiety by reassuring me along the way. I highly recommend Katie to anybody who’s looking to transition their web hosting but who has been putting it off.
Mark Cheel
Mark Cheel
I was referred to Katy by a customer of mine and I couldn’t be any happier. She made our vision and dream become a reality when it came to what we wanted for our small family business website. She listened to our suggestions and offered her expertise to improve them. She’s incredibly easy to work with. I can’t recommend her enough
Stephen Caissie
Stephen Caissie
Katy gave me some fantastic suggestions for tweaking my existing portfolio website to make it more effective, user-friendly and accessible. She has a deep understanding of her craft and terrific insights. I will gladly work with her again and unreservedly recommend her to anyone needing a solid, professional and well-functioning website. –Stephen Caissie, Photographer
OWL Custom Computers
OWL Custom Computers
I would highly recommend Kosmic Creative for any marketing and website requirements. Having been a client for over 3 years, we are consistently impressed with the service provided.
Martin Himel
Martin Himel
Kosmic Creative and Katy Jonker give a 110 percent to make your website stand out over the competition. As a documentary Producer and Director, image is vital in order to sell your stories and your imagination. The website they designed for me projects our image, and our creative vision. I would recommend her services to anyone who wants to show the best of their business.
Lana Bissett
Lana Bissett
Katy is amazing! I initially contacted her for some medical illustration questions and our connection led to her designing our website for our brand new Veterinary Clinic. She did an amazing job and we couldn’t be happier with the final product! Highly recommend.
Kevin B
Kevin B
Katy has an excellent sense of humour and it shines through her very well written communications. It is very refreshing to work with a new company and immediately feel like you are dealing with a friend. Her standard of work is top notch and I fully recommend her services.
Hani Zaki
Hani Zaki
Worth every penny. Katy and the Kosmic team bring true value when it comes to website design. Their sites are sleek, professional and look great even on phones and tablets. Katy speaks to her clients like actual humans - making sure they feel comfortable and informed throughout the process. You'll know a Kosmic site when you see one, because it will stand out with a unique flare and drive you to action. If you have the choice, choose Kosmic Creative over other designers. You'll be happy you did!
Carolyn Hatfield
Carolyn Hatfield
It's too bad that the most stars you can give is 5. Katy and the team at Kosmic Creative are absolutely amazing - not only did they create one but they created two amazing websites for me...they do so much more than the website. They listen to what you are looking for and take those words and bring them to life and they deliver a high quality awesome product on time. As part of the website, Katy developed creative logos for both of the websites and organized the printing of our window decals and print materials. In case I forgot to mention, Katy is also a photographer and took some memorable photo's of myself and my pup Miley for our website. Thank you thank you thank you to Katy and her team!!!
Vera Kevic
Vera Kevic
I love my website made by Kate and The Team! And the response time is fantastic, when I had a GoDaddy confusion, Kate was on the phone with the rep and fixing the problem on the spot. It's reassuring to have a pro on the team supporting the parts of my business I don't need to focus on, thanks Kosmic Creative 🙂
Premium Website Maintenance
Maintenance is the anchor that ensures your digital ship sails smoothly through the internet’s ever-changing tides. Just like a well-tuned engine powers a vehicle’s journey, regular updates propel your website forward and ensure optimal performance.
We’ve got you covered so you won’t ever have to lift a finger! Our dedicated team meticulously handles all the technical intricacies, allowing you to focus on steering your business towards success while we navigate the digital waters with ease.
With our website maintenance plan, your site remains a pillar of reliability, always ready to welcome visitors and drive you forward.