WordPress WEB Hosting

Kick back with speedy, reliable website hosting.


$ 35 /month
  • Installation of WordPress
  • Migration of existing WordPress website
  • Admin access to your own private WP account
  • SSL security certificate
  • Daily content backups
  • Fast loading speeds + dependable uptime
  • Secure managed server
  • Access to a CDN (Content Delivery Network)
  • Unlimited user creation
  • Up to 100,000 monthly website visits
  • Customer support
  • Handling of technical server elements
  • Ultrafast PHP for quick page loading
  • 100% renewable energy match guarantee
Make a call and take off with your new WP server 🚀

Let’s get your website off the ground! Maybe you’ve bought a domain name already, or perhaps that’s a step we can take togethereither way, we’re here to help.

Just as a master chef ensures their kitchen is stocked with the finest ingredients and equipment, we empower you to run your business confidently, with a meticulously managed WordPress hosting service.

We’re committed to efficiency! Arrange a call with us, and we’ll be thrilled to earn your trust by providing reliable WordPress hosting tailored precisely to your business requirements.


The Benefits

Elevated User Experience

◦   Fresh content
◦   Clean layouts
◦   Consistent branding
◦   Feedback integration
◦   A/B testing

Improved Performance

◦   Speed optimization
◦   Error checks
◦   Polished site map
◦   Mobile-friendly
◦   Tablet-friendly

Enhanced Security

◦   SSL checks
◦   Backup sourcing
◦   Server tweaks
◦   Plugin updates
◦   Cache clearing

Greater Visibility

◦   SEO boost
◦   Higher rankings
◦   Increased traffic
◦   Improved reach
◦   Enhanced exposure