Who we are

We design websites and graphics that make business owners shine.


Our approach revolves around listening first to our clients and their vision; and then putting a plan in place to bring it to life.

With us, we bring a colourful portfolio of more than 100 projects in collaboration with companies like Google, Microsoft, Rogers, and the Government of Ontario.


I love helping people get to where they’re going―catalyzing a spark reaction that lends itself to progress.

As the Owner of Kosmic, I’ve worked with websites, graphics and videos for over ten years. I graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce Marketing Management Co-op Degree and a Certificate in Leadership from the University of Guelph, and am a #ProudGryphon!

I’m driven by my fierce desire to “leave it all on the ice” and offer a level of quality my clients respect.

After working for UofG and the Ontario Government, I spent two years as the CCO of an international engineering company before moving to Toronto four years ago.

There, I was grateful to experience a breadth of digital media projects that shaped my unique perspective and led me here.

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Trusted Partners

We have a powerful network of trusted freelance partners waiting in the wings.

Deborah Evans // Copywriter

As lead content strategist, Deborah has been a copywriter and editor for over 20 years. She began her career as a journalist, and was published in various newspapers, including the Toronto Star, The Wall Street Journal, The National Post, and more.

Hannah Martin // Videographer

Hannah brings over 5 years of production experience, seamlessly managing video projects from start to finish. She’s worked with organizations across many disciplines – helping her develop diverse digital marketing concepts that resonate.

Mark Brodsky // Email Marketer

Mark has been helping business owners increase their sales using email marketing and social media since 2008. He’s worked with a wide variety of clients including realtors, car dealerships, app developers, health clinics, financial planners, and more.

Rachel Ott // Graphic Designer

As a graphic designer, Rachel specializes in visual identity and brand standards development. For over 20 years, she has delivered smart, and enduring design solutions for many of her clients while also providing consistent creativity with many other perks.

Sheri Rogers // Marketing Strategist

With over 20 years of experience, Sheri brings extensive experience in the entire marketing ecosystem. By teaching customers marketing strategies for their businesses, she is efficient and ultimately helped increase their sales tremendously.

Samuel Lui // sEO Specialist

Samuel works with clients’ companies to understand their goals and meet their expectations. With integrity, honesty, and communication, he connects with his customers in a meaningful way to swiftly grow their businesses.

Danyal Atif // Automation Expert

Danyal is an expert at system implementation and automation work. By helping his customers search for their ideal clients, his digital marketing agency is quickly growing because of his useful skills and efficient ways.

Hani Zaki // IT Specialist

With his strong problem solving skills, organization, and confidence, Hani understands his clients needs by analyzing and working closely with their businesses. For over 20 years, he helped make many small businesses successful and proud.

Stephen Caissie // Photographer

Stephen is a Toronto-based commercial photographer with an eye for detail. As a photographer, he did gallery group shows in New York, Los Angeles and Melbourne. His creativity lets him impress clients and well known companies around the world.